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Experience The Difference With Our Quality Holographic Film, Transparent Holographic Film And Flexo Printing Machinery...

An Introduction

We, Chahat Enterprises emerged in the market with the belief that for being the best choice of our customers it is not only important to produce great products, but stay committed to our principles of better quality, sustainability and higher productivity. As a manufacturer, we understand the fact that appearance matters a lot and appealing products are more likely to sell faster. This is the reason that we started offering Holographic Film, Transparent Holographic Film, Product Sticker, Holographic Product Sticker and Sticker Printing Machinery using which our clients can easily customize their labels and print without any hassle. At our company, we always strive to maintain the quality of our products by following two layered product check and because of high product quality stemming from this two tiered check, our product line is highly demanded in various sectors such as, automobile, healthcare, construction, cosmetic and food industry.

Customer Satisfaction

In order to delight our clients, we strive to convert every interaction that we have with them into an opportunity for enhancing their happiness and satisfaction level. We believe that leaving everything upon customer service department may make them feel disconnected. This is the reason that we involve customers in our meetings at one point or the other so that they can have detailed information about on-going projects. In this way, they not only feel connected to their projects, but also get the assurance that we are always beside them in every situation. Achieving maximum customer satisfaction is our prime concern and for making it better, we do the following:

  • Understanding customer requirements thoroughly.
  • Sourcing good quality material to produce goods of supreme quality.
  • Rendering customer 24*7 support.
  • Helping them with easy money transactions by offering different payment modes.
Our Workforce

The hard work, dedication and passion of our workers have helped us gain a huge clientele with our major client being JP Wall Puttee. Each and every worker whom we have hired possesses vast knowledge and experience of his/her respective domain. Leveraging upon their skills, we plan to expand our business at International level very soon. Our team of 22 members is led by our Proprietor, Mr. Mukesh Keshwani, under whose guidance our employees are developing themselves on both professional and personal level.